Auriga IP Based Alert Response and Communications Software

Auriga IP Based Alert Response and Communications Software

Adopting a revolutionary approach to provide you with a flexible, scalable IP alert solution, Auriga is more than just an IP audio annunciation system. Auriga enables a uniquely tailored response to any event or required action by integrating a host of alert inputs with both audio and/or visual alert notification for the ultimate in situational awareness and response.

As an IP Audio annunciation/alert system, Auriga enables custom responses to circumstances and events ranging from routine operational instructions and wide area communications through to high level threats and life threatening events. Infinitely customizable, Auriga’s flexibility makes it ideally suitable to a vast range of applications.

  • An IP based annunciation & alert system, it provides the ability to clearly and concisely notify some or all occupants of a facility for a wide range of purposes or incidents.
  • Auriga delivers life affecting messages to individuals or groups during critical events and situations.
  • Auriga's intelligent edge device architecture enable a wide range of alert message formats including audible and visual messages
  • Auriga is a scalable system expandable to an infinite number of speakers or signal points.
  • Pre-recorded messages are at the edge device minimising network delays or message corruption due to bandwidth issues or other network interference.

Auriga’s Server/Client based software architecture allows for multiple control stations to be used concurrently with centralised backup and user administration. The use of “Common off the shelf” hardware enables Auriga to fit into your organisations existing enterprise hardware platform and guarantees a smooth upgrade path for future needs. Auriga is capable of scaling to thousands of intelligent edge nodes and has a fully enabled security model to encrypt, authenticate and log all communications.


  • Auriga’s unique features
  • Infinitely scalable IP alert system
  • External/internal site wide alert
  • Optimised audio output
  • Auto broadcast synchronisation
  • Adjust for ambient temp variation & distance
  • Auto self-test of whole signal chain – lowers maintenance costs
  • Detect & adjust for ambient noise
  • Ideal for wireless network use