Dynatá - Plane Wave Speakers

Dynatá - Plane Wave Speakers

Dynatá Plane Wave Speakers are Inform Technology Solutions’ own specially designed plane wave speakers with directional sound and superior volume consistency.

These compact units are the perfect partner for the Auriga system and ideal for your public address requirements in shopping centres & precincts, universities, colleges and schools, leisure centres, train stations, airports and beyond.

The revolutionary new Dynatá series of flat panel speakers use "Plane Wave" sound technology setting them apart from conventional cone speakers which generate spherical waves that lose strength the further the sound travels.

Quite simply, the nature of the spherical sound produced by conventional cone speakers means they tend to lose strength the further the sound wave travels. To compensate people usually turn the volume up, often distorting the sound and making it uncomfortable for those close to the speaker. Dynatá FPS speakers create the ideal planar wave which maintains its integrity over distance due to minimal sound wave dispersion. As a result, people are able to hear clear announcements over a wider area without the volume being raised.

In addition to alert tones and voice messages, Dynatá speakers provide clarity in sounds, such as vocals and instrumentals. Whilst more expensive than conventional cone speakers you will require 3-4 times the number of conventional cone speakers to cover the same area and still not be able to achieve the sound quality produced by a single Dynatá unit.

Clarity at a distance: FPS speakers permeate crystal clear "plane" sound waves, which are understandable even with loud background noise. Plane waves can reach far distances because the sound is focused and directional.

True Sound: Plane wave speakers reproduce clear higher tomes easier than conventional cone speakers. You can fully enjoy clear sounds, such as vocals, instrumentals and the theatre.

Minimal Acoustic Feedback: Plane wave speakers are far less susceptible to acoustic feedback. Dynatá flat panel speakers can be placed anywhere, at conference halls, school auditoriums and meeting rooms without fear of feedback.

Lightweight and Compact: Dynatá speakers are lightweight and durable and are ideal for outdoor use. Our speakers weigh considerably less than other professional speakers and the reduced size makes them aesthetically pleasing whilst being easier to install.

High Water Resistance: In rain, conventional speakers lose much of their effectiveness Dynatá transducers are made of a liquid crystal polymer which is highly durable, waterproof, and fire resistance. Dynatá speakers are equipped with a patented filter system that protects transducers from moisture and dust to keep their strength in the rain for years to come.


  • Superior performance for Public Address and Wide Area Alert and Notifications applications.
  • Precise & targeted transmission
  • Superior volume level with consistency over distance
  • High intelligibility
  • Minimal signal feedback
  • Compact and light weight (Dynatá DS150 - 7.5kg 400mm x 180mm x 310mm)
  • Easy integration into many applications
  • Environmentally friendly design
  • Low Impedance or 100v High Impendence versions
  • Dual sided or single sided units
  • 50W, 150W, 250W, 300W, 450W and 600W versions available
  • Custom housing options including housing colour and mounting brackets
  • Provides the same coverage as 3-4 times the number of conventional speakers

Superior Power and Intelligibility:

Dynatá Flat Panel Speakers are available in a range of sizes that all combine impressive power with small size and low weight. From the compact Dynatá 150 to the mega powerful Dynatá 600, there is a speaker for every application. No matter the size, all Dynatá Plane Wave speakers can aim sound directly to the intended recipient while minimising the sound to neighbouring areas. Dynatá makes zone announcements possible as recipients will not be confused hearing announcements from other zones.