Panasonic 5 Series Dome Cameras

Panasonic 5 Series Dome Cameras

Super Dynamic Fixed Dome Network camera.

  • Clearer monitoring with powerful Panasonic UniPhier® System LSI
  • Watch images in any place
  • Reduce workload for guardsmen with i-VMD
  • Easy installation

5 series Fixed Dome Network Cameras are suitable for monitoring open areas:

  • City Surveillance
  • Intersections
  • Airport
  • Stations
  • Port facilities
  • Shopping Malls and more.

Clear images in a wide range of Lighting conditions

Even a single scene includes various lighting conditions such as bright, dark, glaring and backlight situations. Incorporating Panasonic’s superior image processing technologies, Panasonic

5-series fixed dome network cameras enable clear identification in a wide range of lighting conditions.

  • Enhanced Super Dynamic
  • High sensitivity MOS with Multi-process Noise Reduction (MNR)
  • Super Chroma Compensation (SCC)
  • Fog and sandstorm compensation
  • High Light Compensation (HLC) and more…

Smoothly images at 60fps

Combining Full HD 1080p / HD 720p resolution and 60fps high frame rate, Panasonic 5 series network cameras enable easy and clear identification of rapid moving objects such as people moving chips and cards in casino, and a vehicle plate on the road.

Enhanced Super Dynamic

Enhanced Super Dynamic is a latest Super Dynamic technology that delivers an industrial leading 133dB wide dynamic range. With new variable exposure and shutter speed control, Enhanced Super Dynamic captures multiple images with optimal short and long exposures. Enhanced Super Dynamic produces clear images, combining them into one frame.

Super Chroma Compensation

(SCC) recovers the colors of images, when built-in IR cut filter is removed to enhance light-sensitivity in low light conditions.

Fog Compensation

Fog compensation improves visibility in difficult weather conditions such as fog, sandstorms and more.

High Sensitivity Image Sensors

High sensitivity image sensor with MNR and 3D-DNR enables easy identification in low light conditions, delivering color images with low noise.

High Light Compensation (HLC)

HLC produces clear images, reducing the effect from strong lights such as headlight glare

Watch image in any place

Appropriate-sized video stream

Monitors, recorders, smartphones and remote sites such as branches have different requirements for image quality and network bandwidth. Panasonic 5 series network cameras save the network bandwidth, sending out multiple H.264 and JPEG streams sized appropriately for each device requirement.

Higher H.264 compression

New UniPhier system LSI saves the network bandwidth and the recorder disk space, keeping high quality of images.

Various transmission modes

Supporting five transmission modes of Constant bitrate, Frame rate, Best effort, VBR and Advanced VBR, 5-series network cameras enables a flexible and effective network design for any purpose.

Flexible installation

Panasonic 5 series fixed dome cameras are ideal for discreet installation. It is harder to see the direction of camera, by adapting black and spherically-shaped lens.

The higher upper limit of visual angle enables installation in a lower place than previous models. It is also possible to install the camera on the exterior wall with the optional sun shade

Quick Installation

The mounting attachment with four- point lock and the non-screw lock Pan-Tilt-Yaw (PTY) mechanism streamline the installation, simplifying positioning, screwing, cabling and adjusting the camera lens direction.