Panasonic 5MP – LAUNCHED - in Stock at BGW Technologies

Panasonic’s recent success with the I-Pro Extreme range of cameras has further In keeping with Panasonic’s strategic push into the key verticals of Public Safety / Safe City/Corrections/Logistics/Transport, Panasonic Australia just released through BGW Technologies their new 5 Mega Pixel H.265 Extreme range of cameras capable of capturing images at up to 30 frames per second. The 5MP models come in 3 types – S1550L Outdoor Box Camera, S2250L Indoor Dome Camera, and S2550L Outdoor Dome Camera. All come with • iA (intelligent Auto), Super Dynamic 120dB, Colour night vision (0.0044 to 0.07 lx), IR LEDs to 40 metres, H.265 & Smart Coding, FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliant and are natively integrated to the Milestone Systems VMS and other VMS’s. Panasonic’s unsurpassed build quality and technology has seen them winning camera shoot outs in vertical such as Corrections, Transport, Logistics, and Big Retail. While many others in our industry are focused on volume and driving down price in the camera segment, Panasonic have remained focused on innovating and brilliant build quality. The facts are that the government and enterprise segments that managed huge infrastructure, assets, risk and maintenance programs can’t afford to take short term views on the returns on its capital investment. In many cases products are required to be operational in the field for 7+ years and the notion of failure within that time frame is simply an unacceptable risk and cost. The cost of failure is far beyond the “product cost alone and this is why Panasonic and a few other Tier 1 brands are growing market share.

This new 5MP range adds to the ongoing expansion of the Panasonic camera range in the last few months with more product releases planned in the 2nd half of this year. We have the 5MP cameras in stock now and we are happy to talk to anyone about doing shoots outs and demonstrations.

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