S2 NetBox VR Quatro

S2 NetBox VR Quatro FEATURES
  • Completely integrated access control and video management system
  • Network appliance handles its own administration
  • 100% Web user interface
  • Single cabinet design with expansion space for 8 portals
  • Supports proven S2 blade hardware
  • Widget Desktop support for customized monitoring displays
  • Built-in documentation library with web browser access
  • Forensic Desktop function locates and exports video evidence
  • Forensic case creation with single frame and full video export
  • Includes 2-year hardware and 1-year software warranty

The S2 NetBox VR Quatro combines the power of the S2 NetBox enterprise-class security management system (SMS) with our S2 NetVR, a powerful and tightly integrated video management system (VMS). Access control, event monitoring, video surveillance, and video forensics are all available through a common web browser interface. Quatro is a true IP network appliance: power, a network drop, and a web browser are all the system requires.

Quatro systems are designed to be convenient and economical to install and maintain. Sites with up to eight recorded cameras and eight full access control points can be handled from a single wall mount enclosure. An internal 4-slot card cage accepts S2’s standard application blades, including access control, supervised monitoring, relay output control, and analog temperature monitoring.

Program and system data is stored on a solid-state disk, while video streams to the internal hard disk. Quatro systems are available with 1, 2, or 3TB of replaceable video storage, providing storage typically in the 30 – 90 day range. Stored video is easily searched using S2’s unique Forensic Desktop software.

S2 NetBox Quatro is ideal as a stand-alone system or as a member of an S2 Global distributed network where it can be locally or remotely managed. As part of a managed network, S2 Global provides optional initial or backup event monitoring as well as optional central data management and other services such as population management and data backup.

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