TZ SlideHandle


Telezygology, Inc. (TZ) is the inventor of intelligent fastening, locking and actuation devices that in combination with TZ software and communication gateways provide a networked platform that extends traditional access control networks to asset level protection and creates compelling security, locking, monitoring and control applications across a number of market segments. TZ control networks consist of TZ Radial and other locking devices, interconnect modules, physical and environmental sensors, and industry standard access control input translators, all of which can be connected to and controlled from stand-alone control devices and computers via the internet.


TZ SlideHandle is an intelligent locking device that offers a drop-in replacement for legacy manual swing-handle data center cabinet locks. The device integrates a high load Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuated locking mechanism with touch to release option, a multi-color LED status indicator, manual key over-ride, electronic door status sensor and RJ-45 connector.