A&E Specifications

On this page you can find A&E Specifications that are designed to seamlessly merge into any project specifications.

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16 channel power supply cable integrator Hub

Unshielded Twisted pair video transceiver, passive

Unshielded Twisted pair video transceiver, active

Power video Data 16 channel cable Integrator Hub

Unshielded Twisted pair video transceiver stub hub, 16 port passive

Unshielded Twisted pair video transceiver stub hub, 32 port passive

Ethernet over coax Transceiver, single channel



Mounts and Adapters

Adapter AH1000 Pan Tilt Head

Adapter AH2000 Pan Tilt Head

Adapter CM100 Corner

Adapter PA100 Pole

Adapter PA101 Pole

Adapter PA102 Pole

Adapter PP100 Parapet

Adapter PP4348 Parapet

Adapter SCM100 Corner

Adapter SPA102 Pole

Adapter ST1 Support Strut

Adapters Legacy Series

Mount BS1750 CM1750 Camera

Mount CM1300 Camera Wall

Mount CM4400 Camera Ceiling

Mount EM22 Enclosure Wall

Mount EM1009U Enclosure Ceiling Pedestal

Mount EM1015U Enclosure Ceiling Pedestal

Mount EM1109 Enclosure Pedestal

Mount EM1400 Enclosure Wall

Mount EM1900U Enclosure Wall

Mount EM2000 Enclosure Pipe Pole

Mount EM2200 Enclosure Pipe Pole

Mount EM2400 Enclosure Wall

Mount EM3000 Camera Enclosure Ceiling

Mount EM4400 Camera Wall

Mount HSWM12 Enlosure High Security Wall

Mount IDM4018 Domes Wall

Mount IWM Series Domes Wall

Mount IWM24 Series Domes Wall

Mount LWM41 Legacy Wall

Mount MM22 Enclosure Ceiling Pedestal

Mount MM1000 Monitor Wall

Mount MM2000 Monitor Pedestal

Mount MM3000 Monitor Ceiling

Mount MR3000 Monitor Ceiling Wall

Mount MR3050 Monitor Ceiling Wall

Mount MR4050 Monitor Ceiling Wall

Mount PM14 Pan Tilt Wall

Mount PM105 Pan Tilt Wall

Mount PM200C Pan Tilt Ceiling Pedestal

Mount PMCL CM Monitor Flat Panel Ceiling

Mount Pole PMCL CMP Monitor Flat Panel Ceiling

Mount PP200 Pan Tilt Parapet

Mount PP350 Dome Parapet Wall

Mount PP351 Dome Parapet

Mount PP450 Dome Parapet

Mount TB1750 Camera T-rail

Mount WM2000 Enclosure Pan Tilt Wall

Mount Adapter MRCA Dome Monitor Ceiling

Mount Adapter MRWA Dome Monitor Wall

Mounts PMCP WM Series


Sentry 360










Pan Tilt Zoom