International Southeast Asia Airport looks to Pelco for high-quality, reliable video surveillance


Facility and security managers at a large international Southeast Asian airport needed to phase out their existing analog-based video surveillance system—and upgrade to a reliable, IP-based, high definition video solution. Additionally, the end-user wanted to expand the scope of their system, as well as deploy video analytics as a way to extend their capabilities and automate some processes.


System engineers selected a comprehensive, state-ofthe- art Pelco video security solution comprising of high quality Sarix fixed camera systems and Spectra HD series positioning systems, supported with the proven quality and reliability of an Endura Video Management System system.

The high-quality, high-resolution images produced by the cameras together with Pelco’s advanced video analytics have enabled video system operators to better identify incidents, suspicious objects and persons of interest. The improved video data allows managers to dispatch response personnel more quickly and appropriately. Engineers and operators alike have benefited greatly from the flexibility and scalability of the Pelco system. Based on open IP standards, the video surveillance system enjoys broad integration to the airport’s access control and other systems. Unlimited user profiles allow video access for multiple departments and agencies.

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