Mission-Critical Security Protects Huge Petrochemical Plant in Mexico

Petroleos Mexicanos, more commonly known as Pemex, is the biggest enterprise in Mexico, and one of the largest companies in Latin America. Pemex transports and distributes natural gas, liquid hydrocarbons (such as liquefied petroleum gas), and basic petrochemicals including ethane, natural gas and sulfur. According to the company website, from exploration to distribution, Pemex is among the few oil companies in the world that performs all the petrochemical and gas production processes.

With the discovery of oil in the Tabasco- Chiapas region in 1972, came the need to utilize the gas associated with crude oil that was extracted. To achieve this, the “Cactus” extraction and processing facility, located near Villahermosa, Tabasco, was established. The CPG Cactus (Complejo Procesador de Gas, Cactus) facility covers 480 acres.

The main activities at this plant include treating natural gas to remove contaminants, and separate its components, liquid gas sweetening, sulfur recovery, gas liquids recovery and fractionation. After processing sour wet gas and gas condensate, products such as liquefied gas, sweet gas, dry natural gas, ethane, natural gas and liquid sulfur are delivered.

With the safety and security of employees, visitors and the facility foremost in mind, engineers looked to integrator NeuroSystems SA de CV, and Pelco by Schneider Electric video surveillance systems, for the quality and reliability needed for this mission-critical installation.

Due to the potentially harmful nature of their processes and products, Pemex Gas and Basic Petrochemicals is a company committed to total safety, a clean environment and social responsibility.

With these issues in mind, continuous 24/7 video security monitoring was implemented with both local and remote monitoring capabilities at the Cactus facility, to allow operational staff to capture and view both real-time and recorded video of events around this vast complex.

“Cameras have been placed at strategic points throughout the facility,” said Lic. Antonio Díaz Ramón, Director General at Neurosystems. “The system monitors daily operations, as well as helps with preventive maintenance for field equipment. Powerful zoom lens capabilities allow our personnel to evaluate equipment and situations before sending some one out to the location. With visual situation awareness, we can make sure to be ready and properly equipped for whatever may arise.”

This expansion phase of the video surveillance system involved the installation of 33 new ExSite Series Explosion-proof integrated camera systems (IPSXME136-7) and their respective mounts, accessories, and the laying of industrial conduit with fiber optics connectivity, and additional video management and servers. All camera equipment, storage systems and pipeline infrastructure was completely new.

About ExSite Integrated Explosion-proof PTZ Systems

Featuring both IP and analog capabilities, ExSite explosion-proof integrated camera systems have been adopted by leading integrators and end users around the globe. From the harsh environments of oil pipelines in Alaska, to offshore rigs in South America and refineries in the Middle East, ExSite is the camera system of preference for the most demanding applications. The ideal choice for hazardous location installations, ExSite explosion-proof camera systems deliver the high-quality video demanded in the harshest conditions imaginable. Constructed of all 316L stainless steel and able to perform in temperatures ranging from -60° Celsius (-76° Fahrenheit) to 60° Celsius (140° Fahrenheit), ExSite exceeds all expectations of what a hazardous location camera system should be.

About NeuroSystems SA de CV

We are an interdisciplinary team that strives for excellence in the field of technology monitoring, surveillance, and security control. With 20 years of experience in the field of technology and more than seven years as one of the leading suppliers, offering the best solutions for service monitoring and protection of Government and Pemex facilities. Our staff is comprised of more than 150 specialists in Physical Security, Automation, Development of Engineering and Programming. We offer our customers a complete service serving as a direct link between their needs and leading technologies.

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