Panasonic U Series Cameras

Panasonic and BGW Technologies is pleased to announce the arrival of the first of the new U Series i-Pro CCTV cameras, which are now available.

The U Series represents an accessibly priced solution backed by Panasonic's reputation for market-leading quality and reliability, designed to complete the range alongside the S and X Series cameras.

Quality & Performance

Without the Price Tag

U Series: Key Features

Features H.265 smart coding

H.265 smart coding ensures bandwidth efficiency is intelligently increased for longer recording and less storage

Features Intelligent (iA) Auto

Panasonic's Intelligent Auto (iA) technology ensures dynamic optimisation of key camera settings during day or night and reduces distortion such as motion blur of moving objects.

Features High quality imaging

Available in Full HD 1080p and 2-4 MP options (up to 30fps) with Colour Night Vision and Super Dynamic to ensure sharp and clear images during day or night.

Features Compact & modern design

Featuring a completely new housing and appearance, the compact U Series cameras provide function with a modern design and completed with the iconic i-Pro white finish.

Features Self-learning Region of Interest (ROI)

Self-learning ROI encoding (Auto VIQS) detects movement within the image and compresses areas with little motion to reduce transmitted data whilst maintaining image quality.

Features Auto speed shutter control

Capture the highest quality images for fast moving objects with the auto speed shutter control even under the most challenging and dynamic environments.

Performance Without the Price Tag

Passing the savings to our customers

Our new range does not compromise on performance, delivering the highest image quality in all environmental conditions, easy mounting options and superb build quality, all at an accessible price.

U Series Range

Range WV-U2132L
  • Indoor Dome Vari 2M
  • Full HD, 1080 30 Fps
  • Super Dynamic 120 dB
Range WV-U2532L
  • Outdoor Dome Vari 2M
  • Full HD, 1080 30 Fps
  • Super Dynamic 120 dB
Range WV-U1532L
  • Bullet Vari 2M
  • Full HD, 1080 30 Fps
  • Super Dynamic 120dB

Panasonic U Series cameras brings together the fantastic image quality you expect from i-PRO cameras at competitive prices.