Senstar Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Senstar products have been protecting critical assets around the world for 40 years. Senstar has range of perimeter intrusion detection systems that detect and deter unauthorised entry. The products are deployed by security integrators, with BGW Technologies providing local Australian design, training, technical support and stock holding, backed by Senstar.

All products can be interfaced to most popular video management or security management systems used in Australia, allowing intrusion alarms to be presented to operators for action, automatic display of video cameras, and auditing of events.

The Senstar product range includes:

LM100 Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Intelligent Lighting System

LM100 combines two key security functions in one cutting-edge product, detecting attempts to cut, climb or lift the fence fabric. It acts as a powerful deterrent against intruders, detecting and illuminating them at the fence line, to an accuracy of 6 metres, while alerting the site’s security system. More Information

FlexZone Fence-Mounted Locating Intrusion Detection Sensor

FlexZone detects and locates any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise break through the fence. It accurately locates intrusions to an accuracy of 3 metres, even when there are multiple simultaneous intrusions, and in the presence of background environmental noise. More Information

Fibre Patrol Fence Mounted Locating Fibre Optic Intrusion Detection System

FiberPatrol is a fence-mounted fibre optic intrusion detection sensor that detects and locates intruders climbing, cutting or lifting the fence fabric to an accuracy of 4 metres. It is a popular product for Electrical Utilities and Oil & Gas facilities, as the fibre cable is non-conductive and carries no power that could produce a spark. More Information

OmniTrax Locating Buried Cable Intrusion Detection Sensor

OmniTrax is a covert outdoor perimeter intrusion detection sensor. Buried sensor cables generate an invisible detection field to detect and locate intrusion, to an accuracy of 1 metre. Being invisible, OmniTrax offers the lowest vulnerability to defeat of any outdoor perimeter intrusion detection sensor, while ensuring site aesthetics are maintained. More Information

UltraWave Microwave Intrusion Detection Sensor

UltraWave is a volumetric, fully digital, bi-static microwave sensor that generates an invisible field of energy between a transmitter and receiver. When an intruder enters the field, an alarm is generated. More Information

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