Southern US DOT Center Integrates IP VMS & PTZ Systems for Highway, Roadway and Waterway Surveillance


A multi-county Department of Transportation (DOT) Center in the Southern US has deployed an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) that includes more than 120 Esprit SE IP integrated positioning systems. The Esprit systems have been installed throughout a dense network of highways, roadways and waterways.

In addition to adding PTZ capabilities, the installation required that existing analog cameras be able to integrate with an Automated Transportation Management System (ATMS) digitally. Working with Pelco technical sales engineers and local sales representatives, a hybrid VMS solution was put into use. System integrators installed an Endura 2.0 system that is able to capture video from the analog cameras and convert it into a digital feed.

This hybrid solution proved perfect and paves the way for future digital migration. The digital video captured from the analog cameras can now also be shared with several law enforcement agencies and a local news station.

Now that the video is being encoded, the Endura system can communicate with the ATMS system through the Pelco API integration, allowing for accurate situational awareness and quick response to any emergency. The video system also communicates with the highways’ Radar Vehicle Detection System. If an anomaly is detected, it is communicated back to the center for analysis and traffic information is generated to keep motorists informed through dynamic message signs.

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